Useful expressions for acknowledgement: samples and examples

Expressing gratitude

  • I am deeply grateful to someone
  • I am indebt to someone
  • I want to thank someone
  • I would (particularly) like to thank someone
  • I would like to express my gratitude to someone
  • I would like to express the deepest appreciation to someone
  • My deepest [heartfelt] appreciation goes to someone
  • I would like to show my greatest appreciation to someone
  • Special thanks (also) to someone
  • I would like to offer my special thanks to someone
  • I owe a very important debt to someone
  • I owe my deepest gratitude to someone

Acknowledging comments and support

  • Discussions with A and B have been illuminating [insightful]
  • I appreciate the feedback offered by someone
  • I have greatly benefited from someone
  • I have had the support and encouragement of someone
  • I received generous support from someone
  • My intellectual debt is to someone
  • someone gives insightful comments and suggestions
  • someone has been (greatly, extraordinarily) tolerant and supportive ...
  • someone gives me constructive comments and warm encouragement
  • someone made enormous contribution to ...
  • someone's support [encouragement, suggestions, comments] were invaluable
  • someone's meticulous comments were an enormous help to me
  • Advice and comments given by someone has been a great help in...
  • I am particularly grateful for the assistance given by someone

  • Without his/her guidance and persistent help this paper [dissertation, thesis] would not have been possible.
  • Without his/her encouragement [help, guidance], this paper [dissertation, project] would not have materialized.

  • I thank someone for permission to use [include] ...
  • I would also like to express my gratitude to someone for their financial support.

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